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Stay on top of your projects and meetings

Accounting Tasks

If you’re running your own business you’ll want to spend more time on the service you provide and less time on keeping track of receipts, taxes and invoices. Th

Business Travel Packing

Packing for a business trip can quickly become a struggle. From your travel documents, to your technology, to the perfect business casual outfit, it's essential

Client Management

The first impression you want to give a new client is that you understand them. You should fully grasp their goals, take notes about their concerns and share yo

Deep Work

Do you ever feel like you spent all day working but got nothing done? Shallow Work confuses busyness for productivity and curtails your ability to focus on wha

Meeting Agenda

The first rule of making meetings more productive is to ask yourself whether you need to have them in the first place. For the ones that can’t be replaced, use

Project Tracker

When you aim for an ambitious goal, you’ll need more than just a few tasks to plan it out. This project template will give you a central, organized place to kee

Running a Meetup

Running your own meetup takes time, creativity, and a whole lot of work. But when everyone finally shows up to bond over a shared interest, it's completely wort

Starting a Meetup

Starting a meetup in your local area is a great way to create a unique community around a shared passion. To really get it off the ground, you'll need to take c

Todoist Onboarding

Learn the ABCs of Todoist by walking through this template. Share it with anybody new to Todoist, whether that’s a teammate on your Todoist Business team or a f